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Developments of the New Displacement Situation - Rahba-Harib-Al-Juba-Jabal Murad-Al Abdiyah-Sirwah Districts -Ma'rib Governorate [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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An Overview

The recent military escalation of the Houthi militia on the southern districts of Marib Province during the past months of September and October caused the displacement of more than ( 93,378 ) IDPs. This displacement is the third time or more as families move from one displacement site to another trying to find better resources and places that are safe and more suitable. This forced displacement resulted from this escalation has multiplied the burdens and tasks as well as the needs of IDPs as these families should be contained after losing their homes, sources and savings and everything they have in order to escape the hell of war and survive.

The displaced families join crowded displacement camps within the Districts of Marib City and Al-Wadi (The Valley), which are already overcrowded for thousands of families and dozens of camps in their geographical area and surrounding areas, sites and displacement camps with limited access to basic services. The recent waves of displacement have exacerbated the displacement crisis and increased the need for new IDPs living in a long-term displacement and in need of support. As humanitarian relief workers struggle to arrange and meet the needs in a limited way, the need for more funding, projects, interventions and capacities to help alleviate the suffering of IDPs in Marib Province.

The new displaced families continue to live in very poor living conditions as most of the families in the host community and formerly displaced families share a narrow shelter or one small tent without a minimum of their needs. The current displacement crisis is an overlapping crisis that drains the capacity of local support and the limited potential of organizations operating in Marib Province. The need is high and exceeds the limited capacity of service providers to respond to the deteriorating and worsening humanitarian situation. The Executive Unit for IDPs Camps puts the picture before the international community and UN organizations and humanitarian partners and calls on everyone to take responsibility for these developments and the worsening situation as it is unprecedented and has the making of an immense human tragedy. The Executive Unit for IDPs Camps also calls on all organizations to provide shelters, non-food items, health care, access to clean water, sanitation, camp management support. They should double their efforts to make life-saving projects and activities.