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Sierra Leone | Explosion and UCPM response | 24/11/2021

Sierra Leone
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UCPM Response

A fire incident in Freetown took place on 5 November when a petrol tanker had an accident.

On 6 November, the UCPM was activated following a request by WHO for specialised teams on burn care treatments.

On 7 November, an additional list of needs for medical equipment was received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone.

An ERCC Liaison Officer was deployed on 12 November to support national authorities, coordinate with WHO, the EU Delegation and other stakeholders, and facilitate the deployment of the Italian medical team and the arrival of the EU assistance.

Accepted offers:

Italy: Burns Assessment Team (BAT): as of 12 November, 6 to 10 experts including plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses and civil protection officers

Austria: In-kind assistance: PPE, disinfectant

Belgium: In-kind assistance: PPE, medicine

Norway: In-kind assistance: surgical supply kits