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Myanmar emergency overview map: Number of people displaced in South East since Feb 2021 and remain displaced (As of 22 Nov 2021)

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South-East Myanmar continues to see insecurity and hostilities with the intensification of armed clashes reported between the Tatmadaw and the ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) / People’s Defense Force (PDF), and significant increase of military presence across all states/regions.

In Kayah and Shan (South – Pekon and Hsihseng townships), communities in Pekon Township, Shan (South) saw the largest displacement with over 2,200 newly displaced persons from within the township and neighboring Kayah State due to increase in military presence in the region, arbitrary arrests and physical harassments in the streets. The number of people currently displaced in Shan (South) is 22,700, marking a 9% increase from last week.(3)

In Kayin State, clashes continued, particularly in Hpapun Township where increased presence of security forces was reported in the past week.(3)

In neighboring Mon State, new displacements were reported following increased military presence, especially in Kyaikto Township, where over 2,400 people were estimated to have been displaced during the second week of November.(4)

Tension and military presence also increased in Tanintharyi Region, especially in Palaw,
Thayetchaung, Yebyu, and Dawei townships, due to the escalation of conflict between the Tatmadaw, EAO’s and the PDF. As a result, new displacement was reported, particularly to Dawei and Tayetchaung townships, with over 200 and around 1,800 internally displaced persons respectively.(3)