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WFP Iran Country Brief, October 2021

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Operational Updates

  • In October, WFP successfully reached 30,651 refugees as per the target, of whom 8,592 were women, 8,780 men, 6,338 girls, and 6,941 boys. The assisted people received 431.266 MT of fortified wheat flour, Lentils, vegetable oil, date- bar, milk and digestive biscuits.

  • Following the recent developments in Afghanistan and foreseeable refugee influx, WFP is providing newly arrived Afghans with ready-to- eat and easy-to-distribute food rations consisting of one can of pinto beans (380g) and two packets of biscuits (400g).

  • To this date, WFP procured and delivered 150,000 packets of biscuits and 75,000 canned pinto beans from the local market which catered to the immediate food and nutritional needs of 12,500 Afghans for six days in Niatak, Fariman, Dogharoon, Birjand and Zahedan.

  • WFP procured and prepositioned dry food rations to cater for the food needs of the potential arrival of additional 10,000 Afghans for three months. Upon Bureau for Alien and Foreign Immigrant Affairs (BAFIA)’s request, these rations were dispatched to three warehouses managed by BAFIA in the three border regions of Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan and Sistan-Baluchistan. Monthly dry food rations consist of wheat flour, lentils, vegetable oil, sugar and iodized salt. The planned food basket is enough to stabilize and preserve refugees’ nutritional status in the longer-term, pending durable solutions.