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Fact Sheet on Obstacles to Accessing Education in the Gaza Strip

Al Mezan
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This fact sheet serves as an executive summary of a report by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) on the obstacles to children’s access to education in a number of primary and preparatory schools in the Gaza Strip during the 2021 school year. The task of conducting interviews and collecting information was assumed by a team of researchers who underwent training, supervision, and guidance in advance by Al Mezan. The research targeted a sample of 668 children from all governorates (including 55 children with disabilities, 261 girls, and 407 boys). The data collected was subject to audit and analysis by Al Mezan’s staff.

The report attempts to research the underlying causes of obstacles that hinder access to education, which lead children or make them vulnerable to school dropout or irregular attendance. According to the interviews, multiple factors pertaining to the economic situation, security, and social conditions were identified as such. The report also highlights the link between the children’s surrounding environment and the enjoyment of fundamental rights, and likewise its impact on their access to education.

The fact sheet presents the report’s main findings, including figures and recommendations, with the aim of helping relevant stakeholders make an informed decision about the phenomenon with a view to an adequate intervention.