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Islamic Relief ramp up support in the aftermath of Pakistan earthquake

Islamic Relief
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Islamic Relief is supporting aid efforts in the aftermath of the latest earthquake in Pakistan. The 5.9 magnitude tremor struck the district of Harnai, Balochistan on 7 October 2021. 42 people lost their lives as a result, and 229 were injured. Islamic Relief are on the ground and have been working to provide tents, mattresses, and essential food items to vulnerable families.

315 houses have been destroyed and over 5,600 houses are partially damaged in the 3 most affected union councils** in Harnai. Affected families have been left without** shelter and are highly vulnerable to the harsh weather hitting the area, as well as to diseases such as malaria.

Many have no choice but to stay near their villages and wait for temporary shelters to be provided. Public buildings such as hospitals and schools have also been badly affected within the area, as rescue teams continue their efforts.

Islamic Relief’s response

Islamic Relief have a well-established field office in Harnai. Our emergency teams are currently on the ground and have been providing tents, tarpaulin sheets, mattresses and food to 700 families.

Islamic Relief are currently establishing longer-term plans to help rebuild damaged homes.

We are also working to repair water sources, so that families have access to clean drinking water.

Crops have been badly damaged, leaving many families uncertain where their next meal is coming from. So alongside food aid, we plan to help local people to rebuild their livelihoods.

We are working with the government of Balochistan and local authorities to help support those whose lives have been devastated by the earthquake.