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Egypt - Severe weather and insect infestation (Floodlist, EMA, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 16 November 2021)

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  • Heavy rain and hailstorms have been affecting southern Egypt (in particular the Aswan Governorate) since 12 November, causing floods, a number of severe weather-related incidents and triggering an insect infestation that have resulted in casualties and damage.
  • Media report, as of 16 November, three fatalities and more than 500 injured people across the Aswan City area as a result of scorpion stings. In addition, media also report, six injured people, nearly 25 damaged houses and around 60 affected families across the same area due to floods and severe weather-related incidents.
  • Following the storm, the Egyptian Red Crescent is carrying out damage assessments and also providing victims with immediate relief aid.
  • Over the next 24 hours, drier conditions are expected over the whole country.