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FPMA Bulletin #9, 10 November 2021

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  • International prices of all major cereals increased month on month in October. Wheat prices led the increase, with prices of rice, barley and maize also up.

  • In East Africa, prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in October and were generally higher than one year ago, with exceptionally high levels still prevailing in the Sudan and South Sudan. Prices were well above their year-earlier levels also in Uganda and Somalia, due to reduced availabilities, and in Ethiopia, mainly due to macroeconomic difficulties and conflict-related trade disruptions in some areas.

  • In West Africa, prices of coarse grains decreased seasonally in October for the second consecutive month. However, prices were still significantly above their year-earlier values across the subregion, particularly in central Sahel and Lake Chad Basin, where increased conflicts continued to disrupt agricultural livelihoods, trade and markets.