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KSrelief-supported Artificial Limbs Centers in Yemen Have Provided Services for 25,000+ Patients

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RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: In accordance with its ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive assistance to the people of Yemen, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) has established Artificial Limbs Centers in several Yemeni governorates. The main objectives of these centers are to provide amputees and other patients with physical disabilities with high-quality prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services free of charge, and to train local cadres to provide the devices and support services patients need to improve their mobility and quality of life. To date, these centers have given hope and healing to more than 25,000 beneficiaries.

In Ma’rib, KSrelief implemented the Artificial Limbs Centers project in the Ma’rib General Authority Hospital over six phases to support patients in Ma’rib and across Yemen. The center secures and installs prosthetic limbs in accordance with the highest international standards, and has employed local workers to produce, install and provide rehabilitation services to a total of 8,132 patients. Hiring and retaining local cadres not only provides jobs, but also ensures the availability of a sustainable workforce moving forward.

In Aden, KSrelief helped to establish an Artificial Limbs Center there over four implementation stages, and has provided: specialized equipment, building maintenance, physical rehabilitation services and individualized patient treatment plans. The program gives compensatory health assistance to help patients in their daily lives and helps them reintegrate into their communities; patients also receive medical follow up care and other services. The center has also trained and improved the capacities of its medical and technical staff, and has provided services to 5,979 beneficiaries.

In Taiz, KSrelief implemented the project to set up and operate the Artificial Limbs Center there over three phases: producing a wide range of prosthetic devices, providing physical and psychological rehabilitation for patients, and meeting patients’ medical and non-medical needs. A total of 8,530 patients have received services at the Taiz center.

In Hadramawt, KSrelief implemented the project in Seiyun over two phases. Activities included the preparation of the building, obtaining medical and non-medical equipment, and securing the basic requirements for operating the center. Like the other locations, the Seiyun Artificial Limbs Center also manufactures prosthetic devices, provides physical rehabilitation services, and trains medical cadres. Thus far, the center has assisted 3,331 individuals.

The Artificial Limbs Centers are part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing, through KSrelief, comprehensive medical sector services to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, particularly those with injuries and special needs requiring advanced health care services. To date, KSrelief has implemented, along with its many humanitarian partners, more than 290 medical sector projects in Yemen, providing specialized medical assistance to thousands of people in need.

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