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Cordaid resumes humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan

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Cordaid has resumed its humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, after the regime shift in August. A hundred families in the weather-beaten province of Ghor were given cash assistance to repair their homes, damaged by the conflict and by natural hazards.

On November 9, Cordaid distributed cash to one hundred households in Ghor province, in western Afghanistan. The assistance will allow them to repair their homes and protect themselves against severe weather conditions, now that winter is coming. Within the coming weeks, snow is expected to fall, and temperatures will drop.

“Ghor province is known for its tough climatic conditions”, says Abdur Rauf Safi, Cordaid’s humanitarian aid programme manager in Afghanistan. “Notwithstanding the difficult current situation in Afghanistan, we managed to reach out to these families in time,” he continues.

Back on track after August events had halted operations

After the recent changes in Afghanistan, Cordaid’s humanitarian interventions were temporally halted due to financial, logistical, and security challenges. Now, after exploring different ways and options of operating on the ground, we are once again reaching out to people when they need it most.

“After the 15 August events and the Taliban take-over of power, we had a lot of difficulties due to cash liquidity issues. These challenges halted our operations for a while, to the detriment of the people we work for and who badly need our assistance. But now, our humanitarian assistance is back on track,” Abdur Rauf Safi explains.

This shelter cash assistance allows people to repair three hundred houses in Ghor province. The houses were damaged both by natural hazards and by armed conflict. “The conflict destroyed our house and we lost all our properties. Living conditions are very bad. We can’t even afford basic commodities, let alone repair our house. Thanks to this support we will be able to repair our home,” says Ghanimat, one of the people Cordaid assists in Ghor province.

The cash assistance is rolled out in phases. A first installment supported families to start repair work. Once demonstrable progress is made, a second installment will be distributed.

Expanding support in the coming weeks

“We are very glad to resume our cash assistance. It contributes to a more dignified existence of people who are extremely underprivileged. In the next week or two, we will address the pressing needs of more people,” says Abdur Rauf Safi.

As winter approaches in Afghanistan, and the population is already weighed down by poverty, conflict, drought, and the Covid-19 pandemic, Cordaid will do everything to continue its life-saving support at full pace.