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Urgent Demand To Donors From The Feminist Action For Afghanistan

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People of Afghanistan have long faced war, political upheaval, displacement, poverty, food insecurity, violence and gender-based violence, persecution, and violations of their human rights. These issues have worsened since the Taliban takeover of August 2021.

The situation in Afghanistan is a humanitarian crisis and it is time to act. Financial support from global donors and allies is urgently needed to save lives, uphold human rights, and sustain livelihoods.

Feminist Action for Afghanistan (FAA) is a coalition of feminist donors, women’s rights organisations, and members of Afghan civil society working for women’s rights, including members of the LGBTQI+ community and women’s rights defenders. In their latest open letter, FAA calls on donors and allies to expand and fulfill their funding commitments and mechanisms to support gender equality and the rights of women, girls, the LBTIQI+ community, and people from ethnic minorities in Afghanistan. They also outline specific, immediate, short-term, and long-term recommendations for action.

“We call on peer donors and allies to avoid mechanisms that legitimize the current regime such as releasing funds to the Afghanistan Centre Bank. We recognise the need to get funds into the country as a matter of the utmost urgency. As the discussions on the creation of a trust fund to support salaries of public sector workers and others are advancing, they must ensure the rights of women to work are locked in and until transfers can be made. We urge an interpretation of humanitarian resourcing to enable livelihoods support pending resolution of the trust.”

Read the open letter: Urgent Demand to Donors from the Feminist Action for Afghanistan