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Uganda – Info Sheet: Multi-Hazard Response/DRR Platform (October 2021)

Publication date

October 2021

  • Disasters in this month were natural (floods, landslide and storms) and man made (terror attacks and road accidents).

  • Floods were reported in Kapelabyong affecting 5,175 individuals, Katakwi (1,320), Napak (1,817), Obongi (3,600) and Sironko (1,926). Landslide hit Bududa with a total of 1,443 persons affected. Heavy storms destroyed crops and affected 14,539 individual in Masaka, Busia, Sironko, Butaleja, Kagadi, Kibaale and Kyotera.

  • The big water bodies L. Victoria, L. Kyoga, L. Kwania and L. Albert have continued to over flow as water levels continue to rise. Districts around are warned of flooding.

  • A total of 29,833 individuals or 5,719 households were affected by disasters with Kapelabyong district as the highly affected and Bududa as landslides hit Bulucheke subcounty three times.

  • 331 individuals from 60 households were identified as persons with specific needs.

  • A total of 2,819 were internally displaced persons from 471 households by disasters.

  • There is high priority need for water supply, sanitation, shelter, food assistance, NFIs, hygiene promotion, health among others.

  • As the precipitation levels continue to increase, more disasters are expected to occur in November especially in areas around lakes and major rivers. Heavy storms/hailstorms are expected to occur and there is high probability of landslide/mudslides in the mountainous subregions.