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GDO Analytical Report: Drought in southern Urals and Turan Depression - October 2021

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Executive summary

  • A large drought is affecting the regions within the southern Urals and the plains of Turan Depression on the north side of the Kope Dag and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. Countries involved are mainly Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Summer hot temperatures along with severe and persistent lack of precipitations affected agricultural crops and have increased wild and forest fire danger.

  • Impact on soil moisture and vegetation has been wide and persistent in summer and it shows no signs of recovery. In the Russian Volga Federal District a declaration of a regional emergency due to drought was issued at the end of September. Increase of prices was recorded in the area for agricultural products and for livestock, due to fodder and transportation costs increase.

  • Despite a slight improvement foreseen for the next month, drought conditions are expected to take longer to recover.