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Kazakhstan: Drought - Operation Update Report n° 1 DREF Operation n° MDRKZ010

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Update includes the no-cost extension of the DREF Operation MDRKZ010 for two additional months until 31 December 2021. The timeframe extension will allow the following:

During the period, work will be extended with experts on the development and dissemination of guidelines for livestock breeders, as well as a survey of recipient satisfaction and a round table on lessons learned.


Description of the disaster

To date, in the Turkestan and Mangystau regions, the situation related to the mass death of livestock has improved thanks to the joint assistance provided by the state, various charitable foundations and the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan. However, the situation remains quite critical for people who have lost livestock as their only means of livelihood.

Among the basic needs of the affected population were livestock feed, as well as livelihood assistance (basic items).
Due to the loss of livestock, which is the only source of income, as well as the lack of any additional work, the population is in urgent need of basic items that can be obtained thanks to assistance provided under the DREF Operation.

The situation with COVID-19 in the regions included in the zone of operation is stable at the moment. As of 18 October 2021, 1,387 new cases of infection were registered per day. Only 7 new cases of infection are registered daily in the regions of operation: Mangistau and Turkestan. A total of 919,553 cases have been confirmed in the country since the beginning of COVID-19 on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Summary of current response

Overview of Host National Society

To date, the active phase of the DREF operation aimed at assistance to drought-affected people in the Turkestan and Mangistau regions has completed.

Financial assistance in the form of bank cards was distributed among 650 families (3,250 people) in Turkestan region, as well as 500 families (2,901 people) in Mangistau region. In total, 1,050 families (6,151 people) received assistance.
In addition to cash assistance, printed materials ("COVID-19", "Prevention of sun and heat stroke", "Sanitation, diarrhea and hepatitis") have been developed and are currently being distributed by the branches involved in the operation.

The NDRT team has successfully returned to HQ after their mission in Turkestan and Mangistau regions, where they are preparing for lessons learned seminars and monitoring visits.

Work is also underway with representatives of the Kazakh Research Institute of Livestock and Feed Production to develop guidelines for livestock breeders on the use of pasture resources. Experts from the Institute were also involved in the DREF operation to develop and implement practical recommendations, as they have sufficient experience necessary for our current prevention tasks.
As part of the monitoring and evaluation activities a questionnaire is currently being prepared in Russian to assess the level of satisfaction of the recipients, for further translation into Kazakh. Translation into Kazakh is necessary due to the fact that in the regions where the DREF operation takes place, the majority of the population speaks exclusively Kazakh.