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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 44)

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Univ. Manchester
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This month’s Manchester Briefing offers an early definition of ‘whole-of-society resilience’ which aims to support the development of a shared understanding of this new term. We explore the meaning of ‘whole-of society’ resilience and the implications of whole-of-society resilience for emergency planning in the UK+ (p.16-17).

Also, as we begin to consider how The Manchester Briefing will adapt to a post-COVID environment (specifically its focus and form in 2022), we have collated and summarised some of the think pieces and case studies covered since April 2020. This first overview (p.3-8) covers 42 topics and themes.

As usual, we share lessons from different countries:

  • Nepal – disability-inclusive preparedness and response

  • Ghana & Kenya – meaningful engagement of young people in DRR

  • UK – driving a more productive and inclusive digital economy

  • Global – nature-based solutions for climate resilience

  • UK – impacts of long-COVID and local services

  • USA – climate insurance as a risk transfer process

  • UK – impacts of socio-economic and socio-cultural variables during crises