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Welthungerhilfe: Climate crisis causes hunger

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Bonn/Berlin, 2021-10-28. Looking ahead to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 for short, which is starting on Sunday in Glasgow (UK), Marlehn Thieme, the chair of the board of Welthungerhilfe, states:

“Climate change is one of the key factors driving hunger. In the past year, around 811 million people suffered from hunger. Changes in the climate are destroying livelihoods throughout the world and causing great suffering in many places. We see this in Africa, for instance, where flooding, sustained droughts, rising average temperatures, and fundamentally altered precipitation patterns are endangering people’s livelihoods. In South Sudan, where around seven million out of the country’s eleven million residents do not have enough to eat, severe flooding destroyed fields, houses, and wells for the third year in a row. The floods affected 700,000 people already weakened by hunger, COVID-19, and years of civil war. Madagascar presents another example, with the country’s southern regions experiencing the worst drought in 40 years due to three years without rain. 1.1 million people are dependent on food aid. Things are especially bad for the youngest of them, as the lives of tens of thousands of children are under threat.

Impoverished countries are bearing the majority of the burden

Climate change is making itself felt at all levels of society, especially among people who lack resources and are already fighting for survival. Impoverished countries are bearing the majority of a burden created by the rich countries of the Global North. This makes climate change, above all, a question of justice. Glasgow cannot be allowed to fail. The climate conference in Glasgow must deliver ambitious national climate targets and sufficiently funded, practical measures for adapting to climate change. Otherwise, we will not be able to end global hunger.”

Michael Kühn, Senior Policy Advisor at Welthungerhilfe, is available for interviews.