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CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Complaint and Feedback Mechanism, Monthly Report – September 2021

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The CCCM cluster, through its operational partners, established a standardized complaints feedback mechanism (CFM). The CFM aims to support improved accountability to affected populations as well as increase communication with communities. It is designed to offer the affected population additional avenues for accessing information, registering complaints, providing feedback and enhance transparency.

The CFM started on the 21st of April and has been covering 18 sites in Chiure, Metuge,
Montepuez and Ancuabe districts. Complaints have been collected using Kobo Tool through IOM mobile outreach teams and at CCCM information desks. The complaints that required feedback are shared with individual concerned partners on a weekly basis.

This monthly snapshot highlights important IDP complaint-related trends and tendencies for locations where CCCM partners are active.