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Food Security Sector, Transfer Value Guidelines for CVA Basic Needs Programs

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These guidelines are intended for Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programs in the Gaza Strip whose objectives include supporting poor and/or vulnerable households to cover their basic needs, including food. These guidelines cover both emergency and regular programs.

General Recommendations

Following a beneficiary-centric needs-based approach, when agencies consider supporting basic needs, it is highly recommended to cover as many basic needs (e.g., food, hygiene items, transportation, health, etc) as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to base any cash or value voucher for basic needs support on the transfer value that results from the gap between the Gaza MEB, which quantifies basic needs, and average income data.

Similarly, to allow beneficiaries to cover multiple needs, it is recommended to restrict value vouchers to a minimum. When possible, as many different types of stores should be integrated into the voucher system, including general supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, among others.

Transfer Value Recommendations

For emergency programs, such as natural disasters or escalations of hostilities, it is recommended to follow the current Gaza CWG emergency transfer value of 645 NIS per household per month for both cash and voucher programs. It is recommended to provide 1-3 emergency transfers.

As emergency assistance should be implemented as rapidly as possible, it is also encouraged to provide the same amount to all households irrespective of its composition to ensure that the assistance is provide quickly. Moreover, households affected by emergencies can continue to be supported afterwards through referrals to other programs, including to regular programs to cover basic needs.

For regular programs that have a component to support households to cover their basic needs, it is recommended to follow the current Gaza CWG regular transfer value of 1’046 NIS per household per month for both cash and voucher programs. The duration of the transfers will vary according to the programs’ design, objectives, and funding.
The decision to provide different amounts according to household composition will also vary according to the programs’ design and objectives. Finally, when possible, it is highly encouraged to graduate/refer households that cannot cover their basic needs to livelihoods programs to provide a sustainable solution to cover basic needs.