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UNHCR Teaching About Refugees 2021 - Guide for Teachers

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Thank you for downloading UNHCR's Teaching About Refugees guide for teachers. This booklet will provide you with ideas and pedagogical approaches on how to teach about forced displacement and to use the Teaching About Refugees teaching materials in your specific teaching context. You will read about reasons why you may want to teach about refugees in your classroom and build your students' knowledge about the subject. You will also read about some challenges you may be facing when you are teaching refugee children in your classroom, especially when they are still in a phase where they are adapting to new environment after being displaced. Both approaches seem very different but you can see them as two sides of the same pedagogical coin. Refugees hosted in classrooms with teachers and children that know where they come from, why they were displaced and how they arrived in a new community will find themselves in a far more constructive and knowledgeable learning environment than those who are hosted in communities that reject them. Teachers and students welcoming refugees in their classroom will benefit from a better understanding of some of the world's most pressing challenges, including war and forced displacement. Education is a human right and a fundamental right of refugees in their host countries. It is also the foundation upon which many refugee children and their families can rebuild their lives and thrive. We hope this dual pedagogical approach of teaching about and teaching with refugees will benefit both displaced learners and the teachers and students that welcome them.