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UNHCR: Northern Ethiopia Update, 25 October 2021

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Background and key developments

As the Tigray conflict approaches its first anniversarythe overall security and access situation remains complex and fluid. New internal displacement occurs on a day-to-day basis. Both, intra-regional new displacements as well as displacements from Afar and Amhara regions have been reported. Intra-regional displacements have been tracked with an emphasis on displacements from north-western and western zones.

On 29 July, UNHCR called on all parties involved in the conflict for a 30-day cessation of hostilities to secure safe passage for relocation of Eritrean refugees, but this has not materialized to date. Meanwhile, UNHCR and ARRA have developed a relocation plan, which is ready to be implemented. Theyare setting up a new camp in the vicinity of Dabat (Alemwach camp), in the Amhara region, to host some 25,000 refugees from the Mai Aini and Adi Harush camps. In the meantime, until that camp is set up, 230 refugees are accommodated in interim emergency communal shelters in Dabat town, with electricity and water connected. Relocated refugees have received basic relief supplies.