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Post Distribution Monitoring Report: Heatwave Protection Kits, July 2021

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Background and Introduction

CARE international in Pakistan implemented heatwave response project in district Sibi. The project aimed to protected the vulnerable community from heatwave by provision of protection kit, cooling stations, information though IEC material displayed at various parts of the districts. provided heatwave protection.
In district Sibi 250 individuals were provided with heatwave protection kits.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of the PDM was to assess beneficiaries’ access, use and satisfaction with the heatwave protection kit provided in District Sibi. The survey was undertaken after the completion of distribution process.


Considering total beneficiaries (250) of the heatwave protection kit, a sample of 42 beneficiaries was selected for the PDM from eight union councils. The respondents were selected systematically from the list. Due to COVID-19, the data collection process was conducted telephonically by the MEAL Officer.

Limitations of the study

Due to pandemic, the physical verification of kits could not be performed. MEAL Officer contacted multiple time but relevant 8 respondents did not be contacted due to wrong number or not picking the call.