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Haiti – Complex Emergency - Fact Sheet #1 Fiscal Year (FY) 2022

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  • 11.4 MILLION Estimated Population of Haiti UN – March 2021

  • 4.3 MILLION People Likely Facing Severe Acute Food Insecurity in Haiti IPC – September 2021

  • 2.1 MILLION People Exposed to Strong—MMI Level VI—or Above Shaking During August 14 Earthquake USGS – August 2021

  • 650,000 People Requiring Humanitarian Assistance Due to the Earthquake UN – August 2021

  • 15,011 Earthquake-Related Deaths and Injuries Reported GoH – September 2021

  • USAID/BHA provides more than $92 million in humanitarian funding for Haiti in FY 2021, including more than $55.5 million in dedicated earthquake response funding.

  • A September IPC analysis projects that 4.3 million people across Haiti are likely facing severe acute food insecurity.

  • USAID/BHA partner WFP provides emergency food assistance to nearly 234,000 people in earthquake-affected areas as of September 26.

  • USAID/BHA transitions its earthquake DART and RMT to steady-state teams; USAID/BHA staff continue to coordinate and monitor humanitarian response efforts in Haiti, from USAID/BHA’s regional office in Costa Rica, and from Washington, D.C.