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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Tropical Strom “Maring”, Philippines (21 October 2021)

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Under the slogan "ALL-IN-ONE BAYANIHAN" (Let us unite and help each other), AMDA Philippines carried out emergency relief in the town of Luna, La Union Province in northern Luzon where 5,000 families had been displaced by the earlier storm.

On 17 October, the AMDA team (seven members including AMDA Philippines vice-chairperson) conducted a joint relief effort with Philippine Army Reserve Command and other organizations in Luna's Santo Domingo Norte district. The team provided free medical consultations and relief supplies.

The number of patients totaled 1,213 with most common symptoms being musculoskeletal pain, followed by hypertension, allergic cough and colds as well as acute gastroenteritis. Medicines were prescribed as needed.

As for the item distribution, foodstuffs including rice, noodles and canned food were given to 350 households.

After the activities, AMDA Philippines vice-chairperson Dr. Erica Tania Davillo said, "It is such a truly humbling experience to witness how people who have a heart joined together to help those who are in need, especially at the time of calamity in this COVID-19 situation."

Expressing her gratitude to the selfless volunteers and support groups that rendered assistance, she ended her comment with the following phrase: "Together We Can!"

AMDA Philippines will keep monitoring the situations on the ground.