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UNHCR Global COVID-19 Emergency Response, 20 October 2021

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  • UNHCR’s mid-year results for COVID-19 multisectoral monitoring show that six months into the year, UNHCR has either reached or exceeded the half-year milestone for the 2021 targets. This includes the provision of essential healthcare services to over 4.2 million forcibly displaced and stateless persons; 11.3 million people who have accessed protection services; and almost 900,000 children and youth that have been supported with connected or home-based learning.

  • A recent study by the UNHCR and World Bank Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement noted evidence of COVID-19 causing a drastic reduction in movement across borders and in resettlement. Surveys from eight countries, including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Iraq and Yemen, showed a deterioration in employment, food security and access to health and education. The pandemic has fostered a rise in gender-based violence and violence against children, and triggered societal stresses that have hit people of concern to UNHCR hardest.