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CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard - as of September 2021

CCCM Cluster
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Overall Objective

To improve the living conditions and protection of IDPs in sites and settlements and ensure equitable access to services and assistance of all persons in need, with a clear focus on moving toward attaining durable solutions with full participation of the displaced and host communities.

General Updates

Site Verification Assessments: Five site verification assessments were conducted in five districts where 84 IDP sites were verified. This included: Four sites in Hobyo district with a population of 857HH (5,130 Indv.), Six sites in Wanla Weyn with 781HH (4,578 Indv.), 22 sites in Basaso with 19,200HH (108,753 Indv.), Five sites in Belet Xaawo with 3,112HH (18,361 Indv.) and in Afgooye had 47 sites verified with a population of 6,152HH (36,856 Indv). Further comprehensive reports for each district with Sex and Age Disaggregated Data has been circulated to partners and respective authorities.

Capacity Building: The cluster facilitated a CCCM training on 26th of September 2021 which covered; CCCM approaches, State level roles, CCCM programming and activities, cluster reporting requirements, tools and templates. The training targeted new CCCM partners, inter-clusters partners, local authorities and other stakeholders in CCCM intervention in Somalia. At least 52 persons participated in the 3½ hour online training. Several trainings were also conducted by CCCM partners on various topics including leadership, coordination, conflict management, CFM, safety audits, site maintenance standards and fire safety reaching 652 persons (286 M & 366F)

Service Monitoring: CCCM partners carried out regular site monitoring checks in Baidoa, Kismayo, Hargeisa, Kahda, Daynile, Sool and Sanaag IDP sites to identify existing service provision gaps and advocate for a coordinated and timely response to the pertinent needs of the community. In September, a total of 995 IDP sites were reached, 200 sites out these identified 75% gap of FSL, 65% Gap of Shelter and 50% gap of WASH and some of the site-level needs identified included shelter, livelihood and WASH were shared with service providers through respective cluster coordinators.

For more details on Site Monitoring, please see the dashboard: https://bit.ly/3zZQJxE

Communication with Communities: In the Month of September, Information campaigns/sessions were carried by CCCM partners to improve access to information and increase community awareness on the risks of COVID-19 reaching a total of 37,138 persons living in IDP sites.

Cash Based Intervention (CBI): Partners distributed cash assistance to 558 vulnerable displaced food insecure households in Belethawa, Kismayo and Baido, enabling them cover some food cost and other basic needs.

Complaint and Feedback Mechanism (CFM): September featured the highest issues filed with a total of 3,749 issues which was a 5% increase compared to August’s total of 3,567; most issues filed in September related to Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) (41%), Shelter/NFI (30%) and WASH (14%). Health and Education filed issues in September were the highest recorded volume for 2021. Berdale continues to generate a large volume of issues filed with 27% of all total complaints deriving from 28 IDP sites within the town. Baidoa had 289 IDP sites reporting CFM data for August and featured 27% of all September issues. Kahda, Daynile Belet Xaawo, Dollow, Galgaduud districts also reported large quantities of issues filed.

For more details on CFM please see the CFM Dashboard: https://bit.ly/3DYAC5X

Site improvement activities: To enhance care and maintenance in sites CCCM partners distributed Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) tools including: 200 Wheelbarrows, 200 Shovels and 200 Pick Axe (5 wheelbarrows, 5 Shovels and 5 Pick Axe per site). In Bossaso partners planned rehabilitation of 80 street solar lights within IDP sites.

New Arrivals: CCCM partners in Kahda, Baidoa, Adado and Daynile recorded at least 280 New Arrivals from Qansaxdhere, Golweyn,walaweyn,Leego,Barire and Jowhar Lower shebelle and Midhle shebelle respectively settling in IDP sites.