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Northeast Nigeria Humanitarian Response - COVID-19 Response: Health Sector Bulletin - September 2021

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Highlights – COVID-19 Vaccination So Far


A total of 27,983 persons (Male - 17,601 and Female - 10,345) have so far been vaccinated with the Moderna 1st doses of which only 6,330 persons (Male - 4,026 and Female - 2,304) have so far received the second dose thus accounts for 23% Fully Vaccinated with Moderna Vaccines. On Adverse Effect Following Immunization on Moderna vaccines, 43 non serious cases of AEFIs were reported (26 during 1st dose and 17 during the 2nd dose vaccination) across 8 LGAs (Biu-4, Gwoza-7, Jere-1, Kukawa-3, Maiduguri-8, Mobbar-8, Monguno-9 and Shani-3) as at day today for the Moderna 2nd dose vaccination. For AstraZeneca vaccination 3,290 persons received the second doses from the total 7,732 persons that have received/receiving 1st doses during this 2nd Phase, thus accounts for 48% Fully Immunized with AstraZeneca Vaccines. In addition, a single minor AEFI with AstraZeneca vaccine was reported from Maiduguri LGA during the 2nd dose vaccination.

Also recall that during the 1st phase vaccination, a total of 40,438 came for 1st dose and 23,763 came for 2nd dose. Therefore, the cumulative 1st dose AstraZeneca is (40,438 + 7,732 = 48,170 persons) and cumulative 2nd dose is (23,763+3,290 = 27,053 persons) which thus account for 56.2% Fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca Vaccines.


The Yobe SMOH, with support from partners, continues the 2nd phase of COVID-19 vaccination across 17 LGAs - including the security-compromised LGAs. From 23 August to 10 October 2021, twenty-one thousand, three hundred and thirty-seven (21,337) people have been vaccinated with the 1st dose and eight thousand, five hundred and twenty-nine (8529) people with 2nd dose of Moderna vaccine. Five thousand, seven hundred and twenty-three (5723) people received 1st dose and two thousand, eight hundred and seventeen (2,817) people received the 2nd dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. About one hundred and thirty-two (132) non-serious AEFIs have been reported.


The total 57,246 doses were used for the Moderna 1st and 2nd doses vaccination about 32,929 persons have so far been vaccinated (Male – 20,518 and Female – 12,411) while 2nd doses vaccination 18,505 persons have so far been vaccinated (male - 11,519 and female - 6,986) i.e. a total of 51,434 persons have so far been vaccinated during the 2nd phase vaccination with Moderna vaccines. A total of 103 non serious AEFI were also reported across 11 LGAs (Demsa-4, Fufore-1, Ganye-6, Gombi-15, Jada-9, Maiha-3, Mayo-Belwa-38, Michika1, Mubi South-1, Shelleng-3, Yola North -3, Yola South- 19) as at 14-10-2021 of the Moderna 1st dose vaccination and during the 2nd dose 10 serious AEFI were reported from (Michika-3 and Mubi South-7) and 13 non-serious AEFI were reported from (Michika-3,Mubi South-3 and Numan - 4). Of the total 19,792 doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine used for the 2nd Phase Vaccination, a total of 12,158 persons came for their 1st dose( male-7,902 and female-4,256) while 6,210 persons came for their 2nd dose vaccination (male-4,190 and female-2,020) (i.e.) a total of 18,368 persons have so far been vaccinated during the 2nd phase vaccination with AstraZeneca Vaccines. During the 1st dose vaccination total of 20 non-serious AEFI were reported across 2 LGAs (Fufore-2 and Michika-16 and Mubi South-2) and 10 serious AEFI was reported from Michika 9 Yola South-1, while 2nd dose vaccination a total of 17 non serious AEFI were also reported across 4 LGAs (Lamurde-6, Mayo-Belwa-1, Michika-6, and Yola North2) as at 14-10-2021 of the AstraZeneca vaccination.