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Report on Protection Rapid Needs Assessment Conducted with Refugee Returnees at Ndula, Fufore LGA, Adamawa State (3rd July 2021)

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Ndula is a community in Fufore LGA of Adamawa State. It is 5 kilometers away from Gurin town (in Fufore LGA); and also situated at about 3 kilometers away from Beka, a town (in Cameroon Republic) that borders Nigeria. Throughout the humanitarian crisis in Northeast Nigeria, there have been significant number of displaced persons across the border with the Republic of Cameroon. The third quarter of 2020 saw an increase in spontaneous return of Nigerian refugees from the Republic of Cameroon, through unofficial entry points. In September 2020, Caritas Nigeria reported on the discovery of Refugee Returnees at Ndula community, from the Republic of Cameroon. This was followed by other reports in February, March, May, and June 2021, on returns and other incidents at the location.