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WFP Yemen Country Brief, September 2021

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In Numbers

11.4 million people targeted for general food assistance in September

98,900 mt of in-kind general food distributions

29,300 mt through commodity vouchers

US$11.9 million in cash transfers

US$796.7 million six-month net funding requirement (October 2021 – March 2022)

Operational Updates

• Under the September cycle, WFP targeted 11.4 million people for general food assistance (GFA). Of these, 7.9 million people were targeted with in-kind food assistance, 2.3 million people with commodity vouchers and more than 1.2 million people with cash assistance.

• Conflict escalated in Ma’rib and neighbouring Shabwah governorate in September. According to IOM, some 35,000 people had been displaced across the two governorates so far this year as of the end of September. On 23 September, WFP commenced a oneoff food distribution round targeting 133,500 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ma’rib governorate. By the end of the month, some 20,100 people have been reached in the four districts, 15 percent of the total targeted caseload.

• WFP started data collection for the 2021 Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment (FSLA) in September.
Following the start of enumerator training in Sana’a on 07 September, the first enumerator teams deployed to start data collection in Hajjah governorate. The FLSA will feed into the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis process planned for early December, inform WFP operational planning for 2022, and feed into the 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).

• WFP is conducting a countrywide beneficiary retargeting and registration exercise, which aims to reach 4.2 million people in the southern governorates of Yemen and 9 million in the northern governorates. As of September 2021, nearly 2 million people have been biometrically registered in WFP’s beneficiary information and transfer management platform (SCOPE) in the areas under the Internationally Recognised Government of Yemen (IRG). In areas under the Sana’a-based authorities, WFP launched biometric registration in Sana’a City in November 2020. As of September 2021, the first phase of targeting has been completed: 118,600 people have had their biodata digitized into SCOPE, and nearly 52,000 people have been biometrically registered for WFP GFA-CBT assistance.