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Cameroon: North-West and South-West Health Cluster COVID-19 Epidemiological Bulletin (September, 2021)

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• The North-West and South-West regions are in the midst of a 3rd wave that has infected more people and caused more deaths than the first 2 waves combined.

• In the South-West region, 44 deaths were recorded, in the month of September alone, which is about the same number of deaths recorded since the beginning of the Pandemic (with the first two waves combined).

• The NWR has consistently had one of the highest case fatality rate in the country since the beginning of the pandemic: 4.1%.

• Limbe in the South-West region has one of the highest attack rate in the Country. A reorganization and expansion of treatment centers is planned in Limbe to face the alarming surge of cases.

• A mini screening and vaccination campaign is planned in the most affected districts in South-West (Buea, Limbe,
Tiko, Kumba).

• WHO officially handed over the extended Intensive Care Unit in Limbe Regional Hospital to Regional Delegate and Director of Hospital.

• EWARS report for North-West and South-West regions was finalized and shared.