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South Sudan - WASH Infrastructure Mapping - Magwi, Eastern Equatoria State (August 2021)

Soudan du Sud
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The dynamic and multi-faceted nature of the South Sudanese displacement crisis has created significant challenges for the delivery of humanitarian aid. Accessibility issues within South Sudan have impeded a systematic understanding of WASH needs in many areas of the country. This has created difficulties in establishing a clear and unambiguous system for prioritising the delivery of aid, thereby limiting the effectiveness of humanitarian planning and limiting the potential impact of donor funding. In order to fill this information gap, REACH conducted a WASH infrastructure mapping exercise in Magwi. Data collection took place on December 9th, 2020 and succeeded in mapping 889 latrines and 139 waterpoints. Key findings are presented below in charts (pies & bars) and maps with figures in percentages (%) and numbers assessed enclosed in parenthesis next to each percentage value.