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FPMA Bulletin #8, 12 October 2021

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↗ Wheat export prices increased for a third consecutive month reflecting continued strong global demand amidst tightening export availability. Sustained by a mild improvement in trading activities, international rice prices increased marginally from the multi-year lows touched in August 2021. Despite improved production prospects in some major exporters, world maize prices remained elevated.

↗ In East Africa, prices of coarse grains remained stable or increased in September and were generally higher than one year earlier, with exceptionally high levels still prevailing in the Sudan and South Sudan. Prices were well above their year-earlier levels also in Uganda due to reduced availabilities, and in Ethiopia, mainly due to macro-economic difficulties and conflict-related trade disruptions in some areas.

↗ In West Africa, prices of coarse grains levelled off or decreased in September in some countries with the arrival of new supplies from the main season harvests. However, prices still lingered well above their year-earlier values across the subregion supported by strong domestic and export demand, high production costs and protracted conflicts.