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WASH Infrastructure Loss and Damage Assessment Report on Conflict Affected Woreda (Ewa,Awura,Gulina,Yallo and Berhele) September 2021

Govt. Ethiopia
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On the 16th July 2021, the Afar Regional government affairs and Communication office declared that the TPLF attacked and conquest to the Afar Pastoral Communities in Yallo Woreda of Fanti Rasu of Afar Region. And then, conflict broke out and spread into all Fanti- Rasu woredas of Golina, Awra, Ewa and Kilbaltu Rasu Berahale woreda of the of the Region.

Furthermore, this conflict continues to affect civilians with increased food insecurity, increased displacement, and disruption of telecommunication, banking service, electricity, school, and health facilities which greatly worsen the situation. Also, the conflict has led to critical food and water shortage, deterioration of pasture livestock mortality, and large displacement impacting the lives and livelihoods of the affected community.

After two months, In the mid of September 2021, the Afar special force has liberated all the Fanti Rasu woredas from the TPLF, in connection with this, the community began to return to their homestead even if all public utilities like Health, school, woreda offices, and Water supply schemes, etc. are attacked and out of service.