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Yemen: Flood Snapshot (As of 31 July 2021)

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Starting in late July, torrential rains and widespread flooding hit Yemen for the second time this year, damaging infrastructure, homes and shelters and causing deaths and injuries. Damage to private property and other structures – including sites hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs), houses, farms, roads, power networks and sewage systems – was reported in one-third of Yemen’s districts – 101 districts – and across 18 governorates. Overall, it is estimated that 13,596 families were affected, 10,412 of whom need urgent assistance. Displaced families, especially those living in IDP sites, have been particularly impacted.
To facilitate a swift and efficient response, humanitarian partners operationalized a nationwide Flood Preparedness Plan and mobilized inter-sectoral assistance to affected populations. As of 31 July, humanitarian partners provided Rapid Response Mechanism assistance – a minimum package of critical life-saving assistance provided to families in need within the first 72 hours of displacement – to 1,579 families, shelter assistance and non-food items to 5,138 families, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) assistance to 3,601 families, and emergency food assistance to 4,286 families.

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