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50 Years of World Vision's Journey in Bangladesh

World Vision
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The earth has completed fifty turns around the sun. To the earth, this is the time it takes to blink. To us living within her veins, it is a blessing from God to have seen the dream of our nation’s father, an independent Bangladesh, manifest over fifty golden years.

For half a century, World Vision has gone above and beyond to open up the world and lend opportunities to millions of the most vulnerable children and communities of Bangladesh, who have proven time and again that the only thing that stood between them and greatness was the absence of someone to believe in them.

It is a daring move indeed that we have tried to capture such powerful experiences that occurred in this expanse of five decades within the pages of a single book. Nevertheless, the fifty stories within this book, that we have bound together with all our love, are fifty of our brightest stars plucked from a galaxy of thousands. Our hope is that these stars will light the way as we map our course for the next hundred years in Bangladesh.