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The Manchester Briefing (Issue 43)

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Univ. Manchester
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We're launching the National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] (NCSR+) on October 13th 2021 at 2.00-3.30pm BST.

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This week's Manchester Briefing details the NCSR+, a collaboration involving most of UK[+] local governments (covering 96% of the UK[+] population) and 10 sector partners that are key to building resilience. Amplifying diverse voices from whole-of-society, the NCSR+ works collaboratively to enhance whole-of-society resilience, so that individuals, community groups, businesses, and organisations can all play a meaningful part in building the resilience of our society. The briefing explores the vision, objectives, founding principles and future activities of this innovative initiative.

We share lessons from:

  • Haiti & Kenya -- community-led preparedness and resilience

  • Global -- engaging underrepresented entrepreneurs in recovery

  • Germany -- increasing participatory decision-making

  • Switzerland -- tools to drive local economic recovery

  • UK -- impacts of long-COVID and local services

  • South Africa -- the value of play in recovery and renewal

  • UN -- new governance models for preparedness and response

Our case study examines the unequal impacts of the pandemic and considers how we can place equality at the heart of recovery and renewal.

Explore our database of (+600) international lessons for recovery and renewal.

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