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Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 65 – October 2021

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In East Africa, harvesting of main/Meher season cereals is underway in the north with generally favourable conditions except in areas impacted by ongoing conflict, socio-economic challenges, and flooding. Conversely, there is concern in the south where persistent dry conditions are impacting crops and are forecast to continue through the October to December rainfall season. In West Africa, harvesting of main season cereals is wrapping up in the north and is just beginning in the south, and conditions are generally favourable except in regions impacted by persisting conflict and recent dryness. In the Middle East and North Africa, land preparation will begin next month for winter wheat, and conditions remain favourable for rice crops in Egypt, Iraq, and Iran. In Southern Africa, winter wheat crops are developing under favourable conditions, and land preparation and planting of main season cereals will commence in October. In Central and South Asia, harvesting of spring wheat crops is wrapping up under mixed conditions due to persistent dryness. Land preparation and planting of winter wheat crops has started with concern in areas due to dry conditions that are forecast to continue through Fall and Winter 2021/2022. In Southeast Asia, harvesting of wetseason rice is underway in the north while harvesting of earlier planted dry-season rice is underway in Indonesia, and overall conditions are favourable. In Central America and the Caribbean, harvesting of Primera/main season cereals finalized under favourable conditions except in parts of Honduras and localized areas in Guatemala. Planting of Segunda/Postrera season crops began under favourable conditions.