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WFP Bolivia Country Brief, August 2021

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In Numbers

US$ 3,469 in cash-based transfers

US$ 0.8 m six-month net funding requirements

68 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) were benefited with CBT transfers for attending nutrition training sessions in AUGUST 2021

Operational Updates

• In the month of August, COVID-19 infections decreased from a weekly average of 782 at the beginning of the month to 451 at the end. It appears that the trend in the short term is towards a decline in infections.

• 22 percent of the population was fully vaccinated (two doses), compared to 14 percent at the end of July. Around 35 percent of the population has received the first vaccine dose.

• The training cycle in nutrition (semi-presential) for PLWHA in the city of Cochabamba has concluded, with 65 percent of participants completing the cycle and receiving a CBT (104 registered participants, 68 completed the cycle).

• The “Strengthening Resilience in the Chaco Region” project has started with some Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) activities and planning the first distribution to take place by the end of next month. FFA activities include the construction and rehabilitation of communal and school gardens, improvement of communal water and irrigation systems, and land clearing for agriculture among others.