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UNHCR Serbia Fact Sheet, September 2021

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Serbia hosts 26,000 refugees, including from former Yugoslavia, 197,000 IDPs and some 2,100 persons at risk of statelessness.

Persons in need of international protection are supported in accessing asylum and local integration. Most displaced from within the region have found solutions,

Risk of statelessness has been reduced.

UNHCR continues to support the Government in strengthening the national asylum system to secure institutional protection and sustainable solutions.


33,854 registered individuals between January and August 2021, a 104% compared to the same period in 2020 )

107 asylum claims were filed from January to August 2021 more than the 72 in the same period last year, but below pre-COVID-19 levels (Jan-Aug 2019: 169 claims)

4 University Scholarships were granted to refugees by the DAFI - Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative for 2021-2022.

Education: 175 refugees (over 60% of school-age refugee children) are included in the national educational system.

Serbia acceded to the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR) initiative of the Council of Europe, becoming the 11th country in Europe to do so.