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Cash Consortium of Yemen - Flash Update 30: YER Exchange Rate Volatility September Week 2 & Week 3

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• The IRG vs DFA exchange rate variation currently stands at a 555 YER difference.

• The exchange rate in IRG areas continues to be volatile and exceeded a 1000 after a brief appreciation last two weeks. This is possibly contributing to the wide fluctuation in prices.

• The range between the maximum and minimum value of the exchange rate from Sep W2 to W3 expanded in the South from 105 to 150 YER, indicating an increase in volatility, while the exchange rate in the North stayed the same at 4 YER.

• As the monetary situation develops in the south, additional monitoring will take place as exchange rate companies in Lahj and Aden have been closed for the past two weeks, the field teams found some difficulties in gathering exchange rate data.