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Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, July & August 2021

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UNRWA Students Achieve 89.9 per cent Pass Rate in 9th Grade National Exams

In July 2021, the results of the national 9th grade exams were announced: 4,535 UNRWA students (2,271 female and 2,264 male) passed, achieving 89.9 per cent success rate, compared to the national average rate of 76.23 per cent. During May 2021, UNRWA schools across Syria re-opened to provide support classes to UNRWA 9th grade students in preparation for national exams.

Dera’a emergency response

During the month of July, the security situation in Dera’a deteriorated, following weeks of growing tensions, resulting in the displacement of about 36,000 civilians, including 600 Palestine refugee families (about 3,000 persons) from Dera’a camp in late July and August.
On 27 August 2021, an explosion took place in Dera’a city, close to the Dera’a camp. The UNRWA school building inside the camp was slightly damaged as a result of the shockwave. UNRWA continued to provide basic services and humanitarian assistance during the crisis in spite of road closures. In addition, emergency response was implemented including the activation of a telemedicine system, protection awareness activities and follow-up through the phone with displaced families by UNRWA social workers. UNRWA health clinic in Muzeirib was closed from 1 August, but Palestine refugees have access to healthcare at government medical points in Muzeirib and Jilin. Health services have resumed and are now offered twice a week.

Increase in number of confirmed cases of COVID-19

Oficial numbers of new cases have consistently increased, reaching 27,915 cumulative cases as of 31 August, including 711 Palestine refugees were confirmed positive to COVID-19, and 9 have died. Vaccinations are underway; the first batch of 270,000 doses was delivered through COVAX facility. UNRWA is expecting to receive around 2,700 additional AstraZeneca doses for staff shortly. The percentage of vaccinated UNRWA staff in Syria has increased only slightly, but remains too low: 3,316 UNRWA and UN agencies staff and their dependants was vaccinated, and UNRWA continued to proactively advocate for the vaccination.