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Basra and Thi Qar Governorates: SWEDO presence and drivers of crisis in Iraq Marshlands (25 Aug 2021)

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Drivers of crisis in the Iraqi Marshlands: environmental degradation displacing vulnerable people, raising conflicts over loss of livelihoods and access to natural resources and economic migration from rural to urban areas are three main drivers of the crisis

Water-induced Displaced: water degradation led to the displacement of communities and the creation of water-induced Internally Displaced People (IDP). In a survey conducted by IOM in 2019 a total of 5,347 families were water-induced IDP in four southern governorates, with 60% of the displaced originated from Thi Qar Governorate

Conflicts over livelihoods and resources: an analysis of 1,793 security incidents for the period January 2016 to September 2020 in the Southern Governorates of Iraq shows an increased trend, especially in violent protests due to the lost of jobs and livelihoods, as well as in inter-tribal conflicts over natural resources, especially land and water

Water resources are largely at the center of conflict areas in Basra and Thi Qar Governorates, and on the whole over 21,000 Km of rivers and water canals are located in areas affected by security incidents