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St. Vincent & the Grenadines: La Soufrière Volcano Report No. 03 (As of 17 September 2021)

Сент-Винсент и Гренадины
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This report is produced by the United Nations Sub-Regional Team (UNST) for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It is issued by the Office of the Resident Coordinator with the support of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).


• An additional USD 200,000 has been raised under the UN Global Funding Appeal for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The appeal now stands at USD 11.3 million, and this total includes funds repurposed and mobilised by UN agencies, as well as pipeline funding.

• COVID-19 continues to be pervasive, and between August and September 2021, it has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health & the Environment the identification of the COVID-19 Delta, Mu, and Gamma variants.

• The Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) draft report has been presented to the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for review and validation.

• The Alert Level has changed to YELLOW.


People sheltered due to the April volcano eruption have been cleared to return to their homes. The Government has lowered their Volcanic Alert level for the La Soufrière volcano from ORANGE to YELLOW five months after the volcano’s April 2021 eruption that prompted the UN in Barbados to launch a USD 29 million appeal. With the downgraded alert, residents who had evacuated from areas surrounding the volcano are now allowed to return to their homes, with the shelter population last reported to be at around 393 in 19 shelters. The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) indicates that while the La Soufriere’s activity levels have declined over the past three months, the volcano is still restless and exhibiting seismic and/or fumarolic activity above historical levels before the April eruption. Lahars and heavy steaming and degassing will persist for some time during high rains, presenting an added threat ahead of the peak of the 2021 hurricane season.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit https://www.unocha.org/.