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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Protection Dashboard - Quarter 2, January - June 2021

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Govt. Uganda
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The overall protection objective is to ensure that refugees and asylum-seekers have access to asylum, fair and swift asylum procedures as well as full enjoyment of their rights as set forth in international and domestic laws. It remains crucial for partners to continue strengthening the capacity of government institutions to respond to emergencies, supporting improvements in registration and the asylum system whilst continuing the provision of life-saving services, monitoring, mitigation of protection risks and finding durable solutions.

Efforts will continue to reinforce comprehensive feedback and referral mechanisms to ensure accountability to affected populations. The response will continue to place a special emphasis on persons with specific needs, ensuring that they have equal access to protection assistance and the opportunity to participate in community self-management and decision-making. Promoting peaceful coexistence among communities remains a key priority and so is provision of psychosocial support, including for survivors of GBV.