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WHO Afghanistan Emergency Plan: Meeting the health needs of Afghanistan’s crisis-affected populations, September – December 2021

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WHO needs US$38.45 million to meet the humanitarian assistance needs in Afghanistan for the next four months. This amount is part of the overall call for US$66 million to fund the health sector part of the global appeal launched by the UN at the High-Level Meeting on 13 September.

The funds will be used by WHO to ensure:

  • continued coordination with other agencies and health actors in the response to the crisis situation

  • continuity of health services for the population of Afghanistan

  • provision of life-saving medical supplies

  • continued response to COVID-19

  • timely response to potential outbreaks

  • response to urgent trauma needs

WHO appreciates all the contributions received to date from its donors, and calls on them to remain steadfast in their support towards the operations and to support resilient livelihoods in Afghanistan. Timely funding saves lives, protects livelihoods, eases suffering and prevents further displacement.