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Cuba: Revised Country Plan 2011 (MAACU002)

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Executive Summary

Cuba is situated at the opening of the Gulf of Mexico together with Haiti and the Dominican Republic, located in the most frequent path of storms and hurricanes common natural phenomena in the Caribbean. The country has a preparedness and response system which has proved its effectiveness, but year after year the occurrence of these phenomena increases, affecting its capacities for recovery.

In this case it is essential to continue strengthening the existing mechanisms for recovery.

The Cuban economy has a stable rate of growth although it is affected by the United States' sanctions and the current global financial crisis. Despite this, basic services such as education, health, food, electricity, communications, potable water supply, transportation are national and international indicators which are guaranteed and in many cases more than 50 per cent subsidized by State. Even though Cuban faces economic difficulties, is the government has an equality policy with the distribution of income and equity with access to basic services which are guaranteed by the State and free of charge or discriminatory policies.