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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 20 September, 2021

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Severe Weather

Colombia (Update)

On 17 September, the Colombia National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD as per its acronym in Spanish), published the 2021 Rainy Season Contingency Plan is ongoing and will be implemented until December 2021. As of 17 September, 79 events have occurred in 65 municipalities in 18 departments. A total of 6,795 families have been affected by 24 floods, 21 mass movements, 16 gales, 12 storms, 4 torrential storms, and 2 floods. The two departments with the largest number of municipalities that have reported severe weather events were Antioquia and Norte de Santander followed by Bolívar, Tolima, Cauca, Meta, and Sucre. Overall, a total of 4,658 houses have sustained damages, 7 have been destroyed, and 4 persons have been injured. The report is available at: UNGRD.

Costa Rica

On 18 September, the Costa Rica National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE as per its acronym in Spanish) reported that due to the beginning of the rainy season, landslides are common in several areas of the country. In conjunction with the Municipal Emergency Committees (CME as per its acronym in Spanish) CNE has been monitoring landslides in the country. There are currently 119 active landslides. On 17 September, according to media report, a landslide in the informal settlement of Nuevo Amanecer in the canton of Alajuelita occurred as a result of heavy rains. A total of 41 people were affected; 4 houses have somesustained damages, and 5 houses were destroyed. The reports are available at: CNE and CRHOY.


United States of America (Update)

On 20 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported an update on three wildfires currently active in California and Washington state. In Trinity, California, the Monument Fire has burned 218,457 acres and is 53% contained. There are currently 100 persons under mandatory evacuation orders, 5,780 houses are threatened, 3 houses have been damaged, 20 houses have been destroyed and 12 injuries have been reported. In El Dorado, California, the Caldor Fire has burned 219,060 acres (an additional 184 since the previous report on 19 September) and is 72% contained. There are 610 persons under mandatory evacuation orders, 5,291 houses are threatened, 53 houses have been damaged, and 782 houses have been destroyed. In total there have been 17 injuries. In Yakima, Washington, the Schneider Springs Fire has burned 104,853 acres and is 31% contained, there are 240 persons under mandatory evacuation orders, 1,658 structures (residential, commercial, and other minor structures) are threatened, and 15 persons have been injured by the fire. The report is available at: FEMA.