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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 16 September, 2021

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Severe Weather

Colombia (update)

On 15 September, the Colombia National Unit for Disaster Management Risk (UNGRD as per its acronym in Spanish) published a report on the effects of the rainy season as of 15 September. To date, a total of 67 severe weather events have been reported in 58 municipalities of 18 departments, that have affected a total of 6,497 families. Overall, there have been 21 mass movements, 20 floods, 13 gales, 9 storms, and 4 torrential floods. The most affected departments are Norte de Santander, Cauca, Huila, Córdoba, Bolívar, and Sucre. There are 4,462 houses that have sustained damages and 5 that have been destroyed. A total of 4 injuries and no fatalities have been reported. It is predicted that rainfall will reach 40% above the normal historical volume in Colombia, especially in the Andean, Caribbean, and Pacific regions. According to a 14 September briefing report from the Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) on the impact of floods in the La Mojana subregion, 180,000 persons have been affected in the departments of Bolívar, Córdoba, and Sucre, particularly in the municipalities of Achí, Guaranda, Montecristo, and San Jacinto del Cauca. It is estimated that 500,000 persons are at risk for future floods and 7,000 hectares of crop were damaged in the flooding. There are currently 4,000 persons residing in 47 shelters, however more shelters are needed due to the number of affected people. No official assessment of health needs has been made; however, press reports have indicated that the flooding has caused skin diseases and acute diarrhea among children and adults. The reports are available at: UNGRD and ACAPS.


United States of America (Update)

On 16 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided further information on several wildfires occurring on the West Coast of the country. In Plumas, California, the Dixie Fire has burned 960,470 acres and is now 86% contained. There are 519 residents under mandatory evacuation orders, 1,585 houses are threatened, 56 are damaged, and 744 have been destroyed. In total, 1 fatality and 11 injuries have been reported to date. In Trinity, California, the Monument Fire has burned 215,044 acres (an additional 1,234 acres since the previous report on 15 September) and is 50% contained. There are 8,005 residents who remain under mandatory evacuation orders, 5,780 houses are threatened, 3 have been damaged, and 20 have been destroyed. There have been 12 injuries reported. In El Dorado, California, the Caldor Fire has burned 219,267 acres and is 71% contained. There are 3,157 residents under mandatory evacuation orders, 13,208 houses are threatened (a decrease of 2,764 compared with the previous report on 15 September), 53 have been damaged, and 782 have been destroyed. To date, there have been 18 injuries recorded. The report is available at: FEMA.