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Afghanistan Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) (11 - 28 August 2021)

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Working through the Cash and Voucher Working Group (CVWG) and its partners, REACH facilitated the implementation of a partner-driven Joint Market Monitoring Initiative (JMMI) in Afghanistan. It is intended to be conducted on a monthly basis to provide longitudinal market and price data.

The JMMI assessment employed a quantitative key informant interview (KII) approach. The methodology includes surveys with purposively sampled traders (both retail and wholesale), acting as key informants (KIs) for their respective markets. Participants are selected through partner KI networks in their respective market areas.

Each KI was asked to report on general market functionality indicators, as well as prices for all relevant items that they trade. Depending on access and availability, partners conducted 4 KIIs per item with retail traders, and 2 KIIs per item for wholesale traders (for food and non-food items (NFIs)). KIs were asked for information encompassing the 30 days prior to data collection. Findings rely on the knowledge of KIs regarding their respective markets. The findings are, therefore, indicative and may not always fully reflect market activity in the assessed area. Data from the 15th round of the JMMI was collected between August 11th and 28th.

7 participating agencies

20 assessed provinces

185 key informant interviews (KIIs)

22 commodities assessed