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Building resilience in the face of crisis: 2020 Impact report

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1,800,000 people helped

100,641 landmines and UXO destroyed

46,995 acres of land made safe

70,861 weapons made safe

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges. From the COVID-19 pandemic to continuing humanitarian crises, millions of families needed urgent help. Thanks to supporters like you, they were not alone. Together, we made a difference to nearly two million people across the world.

We were able to mobilize our resources to support over one million vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic. You also helped us accomplish remarkable milestones— clearing our 700th minefield in Sri Lanka, destroying our 300,000th landmine in Cambodia and our 100,000th landmine in Zimbabwe, and removing over 1,000 improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

Our impact extended beyond the minefield. In 2020, we worked in partnership with local communities, such as those in Angola and Somaliland, to protect their environment and introduce conservation measures. Across the world, we continued to create opportunities for women's empowerment, providing secure employment and training, allowing women to take control of their own destiny and become change-makers in their communities. In a symbolic example of multi-faith collaboration in the Middle East, we completed our work at the Site of the Baptism of Christ, clearing the minefields that had surrounded it for over 50 years.

By aiding and advocating for our programs, you have made a real difference for millions when they needed it most. Read our 2020 impact report to see how your support is building a safer world.