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Indonesia: Earthquakes and Tsunami Operation Update n° 28 (MDRID013)

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This operation update for the MDRID013 emergency appeal informs of the extension of the appeal by one month to until 30 September 2021 to allow for the completion of the ongoing Final Evaluation. Initial preparations, coordination and data collection for this activity have been hampered by COVID-19. This extension is also sought to accommodate some delivery delays of prepositioned stocks, also caused by COVID-19.

Separate final operation updates for each of the three operational components of the appeal – Lombok, Central Sulawesi and Sunda Strait – are being published to provide a detailed account of each. The overall final report will be published in December 2021, three months after the closure of the appeal. The final report will reflect the overall context of the disasters, the operational strategy, the overall achievements (in numbers), operational support and coordination component, the PMI branch construction projects, and findings and recommendations from the CVA lessons learned and the Final Evaluation.


Appeal History

29 July 2018: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off Lombok, province of West Nusa Tenggara

31 July: IFRC allocates CHF 211,569 from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to enable PMI to meet the humanitarian needs of 1,000 households (4,000 people).

5 August: A second and stronger earthquake, of 7.0 magnitude and depth of 15km hits Lombok

7 August: An Emergency Appeal seeking CHF 8.9 million is launched to support PMI in providing assistance to 20,000 households for 18 months. DREF loan is increased to a total of CHF 500,000.

9 and 18 August: New 5.9 and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes strike Lombok. According to BNPB, the four quakes killed more than 510 people, injured at least 7,100 others, and displaced more than 431,000 people.

21 September: The Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) for Lombok operation is issued.

28 September: A 7.4 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 10km strikes Central Sulawesi, followed by a tsunami which hit coastal areas of Donggala and Palu regencies.

29 September: IFRC allocates CHF 750,000 from DREF, bringing the total DREF advance for this Emergency Appeal to CHF 1.25 million.

30 September: A Revised Emergency Appeal incorporating the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami is issued, seeking CHF 22 million.

31 October: The EPoA for Sulawesi operation is issued.

8 November: The Emergency Appeal is further revised to include mid- to longer-term recovery needs in the affected areas as well investing in increased preparedness and resilience for both affected communities and local actors such as PMI’s branches, seeking up to CHF 38.5 million to enable PMI to deliver assistance to 40,000 households – 20,000 in Lombok and 20,000 in Central Sulawesi for 30 months.

25 November to 4 December: Recovery needs assessment is carried out for Lombok & Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami operations. The assessment recommendations inform an integrated multi-sectoral recovery programme approach and revision of the emergency plans of action.

27 December: The Emergency Appeal is revised for a third time, incorporating the Sunda Straits tsunami, seeking up to CHF 38.9 million to enable PMI to deliver assistance to 41,400 households in the 3 operational areas.

11 March 2019: The Revised Emergency Plans of Action for Lombok, Central Sulawesi and Sunda are published.

2 December: The second revision of the emergency plans of action of all three operations are published with the following target households: 20,000 in Lombok, 20,000 in Central Sulawesi and 3,000 in Sunda.

May 2020: Operation updates for Lombok and Sunda are published – extending the timeframe of implementation to February 2021 and September 2020, respectively.

June 2020: The Revised Emergency Plan of Action is published for Central Sulawesi, targeting 40,000 households for 30 months.

September 2020: The Sunda Strait operation is completed.

November 2020: Overall MDRID013 appeal is extended – to end on 31 August 2021.

February 2021: Field activities in Lombok are completed.

August 2021: Field activities in Central Sulawesi are completed. Appeal is extended by 1 month to end on 30 September 2021 for the completion of the final evaluation